How much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app?


Fantasy sports app development cost

Do you want to invest your resources into a good business? Then it’s none other than fantasy sports applications. Investing in fantasy sports applications is a valuable one and it’s a successful business for employers. But, How much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app? The cost to develop fantasy sports depends on the features included in the app and the number of sports in one app. As we all know that there are a number of cricket tournaments such as IPL, test matches, ODI matches, t20, etc. Therefore the scope is enormous for this kind of app.

Fantasy Sports:

The cricket season almost on its way and the fans are ready to cheer the team India. Soon we are going to face IPL 2021 followed by ICC World Cup. Always we celebrate the cricket season as a festival and we never failed to cheer and celebrate our players too. We all know the fantasy sports app like dream11 has more active users and the user count is increasing every day. Fantasy sports provide a virtual experience of a particular sport and fantasy app users use mobile apps to play fantasy sports leagues. There are various fantasy sports leagues available like cricket, football, baseball, etc.

As a professional app developer, we offer a highly advanced fantasy sports app with an attractive UI to our clients. Our fantasy apps come with the latest technologies and enormous scalability to enhance the performance of the app that can handle millions of users. Our apps would be perfect for all gadgets and recent OS variants on Android and IOS and will be perfectly tested in all stages.

Features of fantasy sports applications:

  • This business model is 100% legal and safe.
  • 2 out of 3 three mobile users know about fantasy sports app
  • People will easily get addicted to fantasy sports
  • Rapid growth in user base

The cost for development of fantasy sports applications depends on various factors like UI design, complexity, Android/iOS, logo and style, wireframes, colors mixture, number of sports type(cricket,football,baseball,etc).

Android OS/iOS: Fantasy sports apps are available for both Android and iOS models. The cost for iOS sports development is high when compared to Android development. iPhone mobile coding is also tough when compared to Android coding.

Complexity: More qualities and functionalities improve the performance of the app. When we add more functionality the design complexity will be more. The developers demand high for complex apps.

Geography: Depends on the country where you are, the development cost will vary. Design and cost vary from region and country.

There are a lot of development companies are available in the market that can create mobile apps for business requirements.  But it is difficult to find the right company which provides high-quality apps and the budget of a Cost of Fantasy sports app in a budget-friendly manner.

The complete expense for a fantasy sports application development on Android platforms with backend support would be around USD 5500. But we are providing 3500 USD as an offer till March 31, 2021. We have ready-to-use fantasy apps with fast deployment. We also provide backend support for 100 days.

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