Fantasy Sports App Development in 2021

fantasy sports app development

In the modern digital world, mobile and internet users are increasing every year. We all are comfortable with mobile phones and sports fans love to play games on mobiles. It has raised the demand for a wide range of sports applications with the latest technologies. So, fantasy sports app development has made the revolutionized changes in the business and sports industry. If you’re planning to develop a fantasy sports app, then here is the best solution. First, you need to select the reputed fantasy sports app development company that can create the best sports app with attractive UI design also who can bring up your idea into reality.

What is a fantasy sport?

Fantasy sport is a type of game played on mobiles using the internet. The users can create a virtual team of real-life players of a professional sport. Based on the performance of the player the score points will be awarded. These types of sports received a greater response from sports lovers. The users of this sport are increasing every year along with mobile and internet users. The specialty of these sports is, users can create a team by picking their favorite players to play the game by sitting in one place and enjoy the live game on television.

Why fantasy Sports App Development?

 India is one the country where the users of fantasy sports are higher than any other games. Researchers say that two out of three sports fans know about fantasy sports. Also, the Supreme Court mentioned that fantasy sports are games of skill, not gambling. So, fantasy sports are legal in India

Features of fantasy sports app development

Here are some essential features you need to consider while developing a fantasy sports application.

For users

  • User registration

             Registration is the first step where the users are required to provide 

             necessary credentials like Email and mobile no, user name, 

             date of birth, address for the signup process.

  • Home/Main page

Here the users will land once the signup process is complete. Users can see the different games (like cricket, football, tennis, etc) and the upcoming matches for particular sports.

  • Contest section

Here users can see the list of available contests for the respective match. Here we can see the entry fee range, winning amount, and contest name. Users can select the contests as per their choice by paying the required amount of entry fee.

  • Profile settings

In this section, the users can set their profile by keeping their photo or default avatar available in-app. They can set/edit their user name, address.

  • Leader board

Users can also check the leading players and their score points and compare them with other teams.

  • Payment mode

There are various payment modes available. Users can deposit money using any of their preferred payment methods.

  • Refer and earn

Users can invite their friends to join the match and get rewards for each referral.

For Admin

  • Admin login: 

          Admin can log in to the dashboard using a username and password. 

  • Role-based dashboard:

Here admin can see the upcoming and live matches and completed users list, and earnings.

  • Manage users

          Admin to edit/delete/activate/deactivate the users as per his/her choice.

  • Manage matches

          Admin can have the control to add/delete, activate /deactivate, and edit the matches.

  • Manage contests

          Admin can able to manage the contests of the matches. Admin can add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate the contests.

  • View earnings

           Admin can easily view the total earnings of each user by setting up different filters.

  • Cash bonus and reward points

        Admin can manage the reward points and bonuses offered to users. Admin can generate the cash bonus to users.

  • Withdraw request

Admin will be able to view the request from users to withdraw their winnings. Admin is the only authorized person to approve/reject the proofs submitted by the users.

We can also add some additional features like live chat, GPS tracking, CRM integration, real-time analysis.

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