FANTASY APP is India’s booming online sports game application. Here you can earn real money using your game of skills and analytical knowledge to accomplish your dreams by becoming maestro in fantasy cricket.

It’s easy. Once you’re on home page of FANTASY APP, click on register now option, and here user can register by entering valid email id and setting a password or the user can directly register Via Facebook or Google. After registration user needs to verify his/her mobile number by entering the mobile number and the OTP.

There may be many reasons for login problems, and the main reason is due to incorrect email id or password. In case if you have forgotten the password, click on Login with Email option below forgot password option will be there click on forget password and you’ll be taken into new page and there you’re asked to enter your registered mobile number. The OTP will be sent by FANTASY APP to your mobile number and from there you can set your new password.

Yes of course! Once you’re logged into FANTASY APP click on profile, there you have edit profile option. But you’re not allowed to edit /update your Name, Mobile number, Email id and Team name.Toggle Content

The user can have only one FANTASY APP account with one mobile number and email id.ontent

Absolutely yes! You can play easily even if you don’t know cricket. FANTASY APP offers fantasy cricket services for all. Also you can check “HOW TO PLAY” section in FANTASY APP/Website.


Select any match from ongoing and upcoming series and create your own team.

You can create your team by selecting 11 players with the 100 credit points. From the 11 players you need to select 1 to 4 wicket keeper, 2 to 6 batsman,1 to 6 all-rounder’s and 2 to 6 bowlers. Among those 11 players you can select captain and vice-captain.

Yes, you are allowed create up to 6 teams for single match.

No. you’re not allowed to change your team name, once it is registered in FANTASY APP.

No it’s not possible. You can select maximum of 7 players from one team and rest you need to select from opposite team.

Captain is the best player and vice- captain is the second best player of the team. Captain gets 2X extra points as that of the original points he scored in a match and vice-captain gets 1.5x times as that of his original points.

You can edit your team before the deadline. The users of FANTASY APP are not permitted to make any changes once the match started.

After creating a team, if you want to check or go through your team clicks on “My Teams “.your rank will be displayed once the match goes live.

The player will not earn any points to your team, if he didn’t play in the match. You can make changes to your players before the match goes live but once the match starts you’re not allowed to make any changes.

Yes, if the contest has multi entry you can join.


After the match goes live, the points are getting updated for every few minutes. Total points and ranks will be displayed once the match gets over and winnings will be announced after the verification of FANTASY APP.

By clicking “Fantasy scorecard” link on live score page, you can cross check your points. And again if you want to cross check your team’s points check our “Fantasy Cricket Point System”.

No. The substitute player will not get any points, because the substitute is not considered as a part of 11.

No points are awarded for Man of the match.

The user can see their points once the match starts.

You will score points based on the performance of your selected players. so, select a winning players to your team.

No. There are no points awarded for super over in a match, as the scores and wickets taken by the player are not considered in their official records.

If a player is sent off by the umpire, the scores of the player will be calculated until the time he’s on the field. He is eligible to score once he’s called back.


User can click on any of the contest; Join option will be there user needs to click over that for joining.

User can join in the cash contest by paying the entry fees to FANTASY APP and they can compete with other users and they can win real money.

No, as per the fantasy rule joining in the middle of the match is not possible.

User can check the distribution of the price money by clicking on the predefined number of winners below the each contest. If the winning amount of the user is more than Rs 10000 with single team, tax will deducted as per government regulations. If the user wins more than 10000 with multiple teams there will be no deductions.

The price money for the position of the winners and the immediate next winning position will be added and then it will distributed equally among the winners.

FANTASY APP will refund the money back to the users account.

When the real test match is announced as drawn, and if both the teams has not participated a single inning, the fantasy match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded back to the users account.

Further, in an event wherein the real match is declared as drawn with any one of the teams completing an inning, the fantasy match will be considered to have completed and the entry fees will not be refunded.

It depends on the Players you selected and the on field performance of the player.


After the completion of the match (If you joined in that contest) you can see your rankings and corresponding price money. We will credit the winnings money to your FANTASY APP wallet.

FANTASY APP takes few hours after the completion of the match for the processing of the results and to verify the scores.

Yes, User needs to withdraw the money within 365 days from the date of transfer.


User can add money by clicking Add cash, enter the amount you wish to add, select payment gateway, enter the details “click and Proceed”.

You can add money through credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking, UPI etc.

All the payment transactions are done by highly secured payment gateway providers.

FANTASY APP will send an notification after the successful transaction.

No, only one Paytm account can be linked to FANTASY APP.

User should have minimum 200rs to withdraw, user can raise a request FANTASY APP will process the request in 2-3 working days.

Normally it will take 2-3 working days to reflect in your bank.

No, User cannot withdraw cash bonus. Cash bonus can be used for joining the contest.

User can withdraw maximum of 50000 rupees per day.

Without Bank account user cannot able to make money withdrawal request, FANTASY APP suggest user to open a new account in the meantime.

In FANTASY APP single user cannot create multiple accounts.

User should not misuse the referral code by creating fake account in FANTASY APP.

User should not submit fake proof like PAN, Bank details.


User needs to submit the PAN card proof, Bank proof. There will a separate option for the uploading once user uploads the documents FANTASY APP will verify the documents. After the successful verification user will receive notification via email from FANTASY APP.

Enter your mobile number and then enter the OTP received on the mobile number to verify your mobile number.

Enter your email address and verify your email address by clicking the verification link sent by FANTASY APP. If you registered by logging in with your Facebook or Google your email address will be automatically verified.

In order to verify your PAN card details, upload your PAN Card number, PAN Card image and other required details. After successfully uploading and entering the required details click on ‘Submit for Verification’.

In order to verify your Bank Passbook upload the Bank Passbook and Enter the required details. click on ‘Submit for Verification’.

Note: The Name on the PAN card and the image proof uploaded for Bank Account verification should match with each other.Only original image of the PAN card will be accepted, we don’t accept photocopies of PAN card for verification.

Yes, it is mandatory for withdrawing the real cash money from FANTASY APP.

Your account verification may fail because of many reasons which might include:

You have not uploaded your PAN Card as an identity proof mandatorily required for verification.

The PAN card number entered by you does not match with the PAN card details submitted at the time of verification request.

The Date of Birth entered by you at the time of creating your account does not match with the Date of Birth mentioned on the PAN Card submitted by you.

Your name on the PAN card and on the bank account does not match.

The IFSC code you have provided is either incorrect or does not belong to the bank branch mentioned for verification.

The Clarity of the documents uploaded by you is very low.

The bank account number on the bank account proof uploaded by you does not match with the Bank account number entered by you in the verification request.

If your verification gets rejected you will be informed about the reason for verification failure via Email.

FANTASY APP needs the Bank passbook image for the transaction; we will verify the Account holder Name with PAN card & Resident address of the user. FANTASY APP will not accept the Users passbook from the state of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Telangana.

User needs to upload image of the Bank Passbook, Cheque book or Bank Statement which shows your Name, IFSC Code & Account Number.

Normally FANTASY APP will take few days for the verification; once the verification is successful you will be notified through Email.

For KYC Verification, User Email id, Mobile number has to be verified from the user side. Then PAN will be verified, after successful verification of PAN, Bank KYC will be verified. Without PAN verification, Bank verification will not be done.


The cash bonus offered by FANTASY APP is the amount awarded to the users by FANTASY APP under various promotions offered by FANTASY APP. In addition, the users can receive a cash bonus when they deposit the exact amount, the deposit amount will be decided by the FANTASY APP. The Bonus earned during the offer period shall expire in 14 days from the day of receiving w.e.f. 28th November, 2019.

The Promotional offer starting dates and Ending dates are decided by FANTASY APP, Users will get notified proir to this offer.

The cash bonus is an amount provided to the users by FANTASY APP under various offers and promotions, additionally it comes with an expiry date. So user’s can’t able to withdraw the cash bonus amount.

Note:The cash bonus amount (if any) shall expire at the end of 14 days from the date of credit of the bonus amount (if any).

No, Only the cash bonus which credited during any offer period will expire in 14days from the date of credit.


We are creating Fantasy Sports App for all kind Sports. Our Fantasy Cricket APP comes with Latest Technologies and Enormous scalability to enhance the Performance of the App that can handle Millions of users. Our App has enhanced and Robust Security so that all the user information are secured.

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